Users, Teams, Roles & Permissions, Subscriptions, Billing, Notifications...

...all handled by RemoteAuth, so you can focus on building your application.

Beta release coming soon!

How does it work?

RemoteAuth is a web-based SaaS application which manages your Users, Teams, Roles & Permissions, Subscriptions, Billing, and Notifications.

Users authenticate via the Oauth2 protocol, and then your application communicates with RemoteAuth via an API.


RemoteAuth manages your database of users, including registration, login, and password reset work flows.

Connect your application to RemoteAuth via the OAuth2 protocol, and then communicate with RemoteAuth via a JSON API to access the data.


Built-in support for teams, roles, and permissions.

Use our UI (or API) to manage roles and permissions for users and then use our API to verify a user's access to features inside your application.


RemoteAuth is configured to work with applications that are connected to Stripe. Using Stripe's Connect product, you connect your Stripe account to RemoteAuth.

RemoteAuth then manages the subscription workflow, including creating new subscriptions, changing subscriptions, and cancelling subscriptions.

Email notifications are also included!


In addition to the Subscriptions feature above, once you connect your Stripe account to RemoteAuth, billing is also handled for you.

RemoteAuth takes a small percentage of your sales as they happen, which pays for your usage of RemoteAuth!

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